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Space adventures of Queen Dred

Perdition - Ann Aguirre

Well, I really liked the pacing and rollicking good time to be had in this book. Perdition is an all but forgotten prison ship in space that reminds you of "Escape from New York". Its quite lawless and everyone is fighting for their own territory.  Dred Devos has managed to carve out an area called "Queensland" with the help of some trusted friends and allies. Into the mix steps Jael, a new "fish" (inmate) recently sent to Perdition but there's something strange about him. Can he be trusted while the prison goes through some upheavals and realignments that threaten Dred?

   Dred was impressively written and I appreciated that she could "walk the walk". I cringe at the heroine who is described as a badass and then pulls stupid stunts where she has to be rescued all the time. Dred keeps this to a minimum and the story jogs along at a brisk pace with well done dialogue. Am I a bad person to admit I have NOT read any Sirantha Jax? I HAVE read the Kate Daniel's series by Ilona Andrews and the style is very similar (with less research perhaps) but her fans  should love this book as well. 

  So maybe its time to dig up some of those Sirantha Jax soon.